White wooden bird nest box house with heart shaped entrance hole

White wooden bird nest box house with heart shaped entrance hole

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  • £8.99

This cute and charming nesting box will help attract birds into your garden, offering them a safe environment to nest and rest.

• Cute heart-shaped entrance

• Complete with perch to further encourage birds to rest

• Designed to attract small bird such as; House Sparrows, Starlings and Tits

• Wooden construction painted in white gloss for weather and rot resistance

• Can be attached to a wall, fence or tree or left free standing

• H22 X W21 X D9.5cm

Directions and tips:

Place on a tree, wall or fence vertically or slightly tilted forward, under eaves or a large branch to provide shelter from the elements.

Position away from high activity areas such as bird feeders and baths and in hard to reach areas for predators such as cats and squirrels.

Different birds prefer different heights, anywhere from 1m above ground to 5m, so we suggest you do further research depending on what birds are in your area or birds you wish to house.

Bird boxes for smaller birds, such as this one, are best put up in spring but be patient, it could take a year or two for birds to become accustomed to the box. If, by the third spring no birds are nesting, you may wish to reposition the box.

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