Bird SEED, NUT, FATBALL & Cake Feeders - MEDIUM - Premium - Simply Direct

Bird SEED, NUT, FATBALL & Cake Feeders - MEDIUM - Premium - Simply Direct

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  • £29.25

• Seed and Nut feeders - The convex metal base allows seeds to gravitate towards the feeding ports meaning less waste!
• Pop off cap for quick and easy filling
• Weather resistant
• Base and perches easily come apart with only one screw for easy cleaning
• The seeder feeder includes 1 pair of silver plastic perches and feeding ports
• Block feeder takes standard 4" suet cakes feed
• Tube feeders - Approx(H x Diameter) 8" x 2.5" (20cm x 6cm) / 12" (30cm) high with hanger
• Block feeder - Approx(H x W x D) 5.1" x 5.1" x 1.5" (13cm x 13cm x 4cm)

Box contains
1 x Seed feeder
1 x Nut feeder
1 x Suet fat ball feeder
1 x Suet cake feeder
1KG Bag of bird seed
1KG Bag of bird nuts
6 x Suet fat balls
6 x Suet cakes (seed & mealworm flavour)

At Simply Direct, we are proud of our comprehensive bird feeder range. Whether you use seeds, nuts or fat balls, feed many or few birds or need to keep squirrels away, we have a perfect feeder for you!

This Simply Direct bird feeder bundle is ideally suited for feeding wild birds nuts, seeds, suet cakes and fat balls giving the birds much needed nutrients as they go about their day.

This bird feeder bundle includes 1 KG of high-quality seed, nuts, 6 suet cakes and 6 fat balls feed, allowing you to attract fascinating birds to your garden right away.

The set of 4 Simply Direct bird feeders are each designed to contain different feed types;
- The strong, thick perspex feeder is used for mixed seeds
- The strong plastic coated metal feeder is used for suet fat balls
- The galvanised wire mesh feeder is used for peanuts and nuts
- The strong plastic coated wire block feeder is used for suet cakes

Please note: we do not recommend the use of these feeders in areas with high squirrel populations; if you have a squirrel problem please see our squirrel-guard bird feeders range.

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