Squirrel Guard SEED & NUT Feeders - Green - Simply Direct - Feed Options

Squirrel Guard SEED & NUT Feeders - Green - Simply Direct - Feed Options

Simply Direct®

  • £19.86

• Provides protection from squirrels and larger birds
• All metal powder coated construction
• Easy to fill and clean
• Metal clip down lid
• Metal mesh chute (Nut feeder)
• Plastic chute (Seed feeder)
• Hanging hoop to hang from branches or feeding stations
• Shaped base allows the feed to gravitate towards the outside edge (reduces wastage)
• 24cm high x 17cm wide

Feed Choices
• With 1kg seed and 1kg peanut feed
• With 1.8kg seed and 1.8kg peanut feed
• With 3.6kg seed and 3.6kg peanut feed

At Simply Direct, we are proud of our comprehensive bird feeder range. Whether you use seeds, nuts or fat balls, feed many or few birds or need to keep squirrels away, we have a perfect feeder for you!

This pair of large, attractive metal bird feeders are designed to keep the squirrels out, but let the garden birds in. Each feeder is surrounded by an anti-squirrel cage to protect the feed from unwanted garden pests. This makes it an ideal set to go with a feeding station or as individual feeders around the garden.

Made from powder coated steel, these feeders are strong and robust and holds a good quantity of food to keep birds fed through cold weather. The feeders each feature and easy flip-top lid for an effective way of re-filling the feeders.

The pair of Simply Direct bird feeders each share the same dimensions and they are as follows:
- 17 Centimeter Diameter
- 24 Centimeter Feeder Height
- 33 Centimeter Height including handle
Each feeder is used for a different source of food for the birds.
- The plastic chute feeder is used for sunflower hearts and various seeds.
- The metal mesh chute feeder is used for peanuts and nuts.
These feeders also feature a large hook for hanging over branches or off bird feeder hooks. These make them quite versatile for placement around the garden.

PLEASE NOTE: To maximise squirrel resistance hang in hard to reach areas such as bird feeding stations

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